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Fall Leadership Conference

September 10, 2019 @ 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

The MGMA Utah Fall Leadership Conference will be held Tuesday, September 10, 2019.  This is a half-day conference with registration beginning at 8:00 a.m. and will include breakfast and lunch and will run until approximately 1:00 p.m.

We would like to welcome Nate Moore as our presenter. 

Nate Moore, CPA, MBA, FACMPE speaks, consults, records, and writes about business intelligence in medical practices throughout the country.  Nate’s two books, Even Better Data, Better Decisions: Advanced Business Intelligence for Medical Practices, and Better Data, Better Decisions: Using Business Intelligence in the Medical Practice, are MGMA best sellers.  Nate’s consulting focuses on using SQL Server to mine and leverage medical practice data into actionable knowledge.

Nate creates a series of powerful Excel Videos at mooresolutionsinc.com demonstrating how to use Excel in a medical practice.  Excel Videos have been viewed thousands and thousands of times by practice managers across America.  Nate also moderates the Excel Users MGMA Community, the online resource for practice administrators to collaborate about Excel.

Nate will be presenting on the following workshops:

These workshops will be a hands-on demonstrations using Office 365.  Please bring your laptop with at least Excel 2007 to participate in the workshop training.  Please also bring data from your practice to work on at the end of the workshop so that you can take home your data. After you have registered for this event, we will send you a link to Dropbox where you can access the Excel spreadsheets for this training.

Seeing Past Tomorrow: Using Appointment Data to Strategize,

Change, and Thrive in the Future

How would financial management be different in your practice if you could see the future? Appointment data is about as close as a practice manager can come to seeing what next week and next month will look like. Join an interactive discussion on using appointment data to increase opportunities in your practice. We will discuss ways to measure patient access to your providers, to reduce no show appointments, and to maximize capacity of your most important practice resources.

Learning objectives:

  • See real world examples of practices using appointment data to see the future
  • Discover ways to gather, analyze, and report on appointment
  • Collaborate on ideas and tools to leverage appointment data


Better Dashboards, Better Decisions: Revenue Cycle

Management for Medical Practices

How often do you focus and act on data from your practice’s dashboard? Is your dashboard pretty useful or just pretty? This session will look at how leading medical practices customize dashboards they receive to get the most insight and direction in a short amount of time, featuring tips and tricks for making dashboards customizable, dynamic and practical. Attendees will consider how dashboards are delivered, who sees them and how often they are reviewed, as well as how to organize dashboards to be efficient and effective in displaying critical, timely information.

Learning objectives:

  • Compare examples of practice-changing dashboards for medical practices nationwide
  • Experiment with new ways to drive change in your organization via timely, relevant data
  • Outline to peers how to build better practice dashboards for your specific organization

Beating the Benchmarks: Better Results with Practice Operations Data

Streamlining, optimizing and visualizing practice operations can lead to new opportunities for savvy practices. What reports do benchmark-beating practices focus on? What data matters most to managers focused on improving operations? How do leading practices see data differently than average practices do? This session will introduce approaches to tracking operational data to improve scheduling, decrease patient wait times, reduce no-shows and increase patient access.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe and give examples of key practice operations benchmarks
  • Explain reports that can improve workflows and processes for better performance against those benchmarks
  • Review current practice operations challenges and performance


Carving Up and Drilling Down: Using Microsoft Excel’s® Pivot Table Feature to Analyze a Practice’s Revenue Cycle

Microsoft Excel’s Pivot Table feature is a fast and powerful way to analyze and consolidate large amounts of data and quickly extract critical knowledge.  In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use Pivot Tables in a medical practice setting to better track collections, analyze reimbursement, collect accounts receivable, and more.   You’ll also learn a variety of techniques to filter, sort, group, and manipulate practice data.  We’ll also discuss ways to use Pivot Tables to analyze your internal business operations.

Learning objectives:

  • Create a Pivot Table using sample medical practice data
  • Filter, Sort, Group, and Pivot to analyze data
  • Discover multiple applications for Pivot Tables in a medical practice



September 10, 2019
8:00 am - 1:00 pm


Thanksgiving Point, Amber Room – Museum of Ancient Life – 2929 N. Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, UT